Telenor Internet Packages Free in 2022-23 Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Telenor Internet Packages Free in 2022-23 Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Telenor Internet Packages Free in 2022-23: Telenor ASA Company is headquartered in Fornebu, Bærum, near Oslo. Let us tell you that Telenor ASA is a large telecommunications company in the populous state of Norway. You can see it included in all the big telecom companies of the world, which operate their service around the world. 

If seen, it focuses on Scandinavia and Asia. Telenor has been a leader in the telecom sector for many years. One of the reasons they are pioneers is that they have a huge range of Telenor internet packages as per the requirement of their customers. Here in this article, we have looked at Telenor internet packages 2022-23.      

The Telenor Internet Package Daily – 1GB data daily with unlimited calling and SMS.
The Telenor Internet Package Weekly – 5GB data for weekly with unlimited calling and SMS.
The Telenor Internet Package Monthly – 25GB data for a month with unlimited calling and SMS.

Best Telenor Internet Packages 2022-23:

Various internet packages are provided by Telenor, which have different benefits. Telenor has a good list of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly plans. You can select them according to your need.

Talking about the daily internet package, it is available only for 24 hours. With its help, you can use some websites.

Now talk about, under weekly internet, apart from accessing more websites, you can use internet package continuously for 7 days. 

Now talking about the monthly internet package, it gives good internet access for 30 days.

All these can use unlimited data under the Telenor internet package. In this, you get to see LTE speed. You can use the internet by taking a single plan and connecting 5 other devices at once.

For more than 5 devices, you have to go for a premium plan. For this, whatever internet plan is right for you, you can choose it by going to Telenor.

Telenor Internet Packages Daily Charges And Codes:

Many types of Internet packages are offered under Telenor Daily Internet Package. You can buy it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Here all the packages have special codes and charges. To get Telenor Internet Package, visit the website, or you can call on the number customer care.

You can use it 24 hours by entering a code in the daily internet package. Similarly, an internet package and call facility can be availed for the week or the whole week. Apart from this, you can take advantage of the facility of 1 GB of data per day, unlimited calls, and daily SMS by taking 30 days internet package.

Telenor Daily Social Pack:

This data pack is the data allowed to use Facebook and WhatsApp throughout the day. Along with this, you can take the facility of social entertainment.

Charges: Rs.3 incl. tax
Dial – *311#
Validity – 1 day
Internet – 70 MB

Telenor Daily Off-peak Offer:

This is the best 4G offer.

Charges: Rs.15, incl. tax
Dial – *10#
Validity – 12 Hours between (6 am – 6 pm)
Internet – 1500 MB between (6 AM – 6 PM)

You can take the facility of streaming and download it. This data is valid for use between 6 am to 6 pm.

Telenor Internet Packages 3 Days-Codes and Charges:

You can get Telenor 4G packages with better speed for 3 days with the help of the below-mentioned code. 

Charges – Rs.44 incl. tax
Dial – *32#
Validity – 3 Days
Internet – 1000MB (incl. 500MB 12AM – 8AM)

In this, the customer takes advantage of 1000MB.

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly-Codes and Charges:

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages: Telenor offers many Internet packages in daily, weekly and monthly formats. Each package here comes with its special code and fee. With the help of which different packages can be taken advantage of. Apart from this, Telenor also gives “Telenor Internet Package Free” for the whole week in some conditions.

If seen, there are five codes under the weekly internet package. The package is kept active by using each code every day of the week. The package is kept active by entering the remaining four codes within seven days. This includes 700MB of data per day; later, the data limit is increased to 1GB per day.

Telenor Weekly Video Package:

In this, you can enjoy Youtube, Likee, and SnackVideo throughout the week with the help of this package. 

Charges – Rs.86 Incl. Tax
Validity – 7 days
Dial – *220#
Internet – 5000 MB for Youtube, Likee, and SnackVideo

Telenor Weekly Sports Package – Telenor Internet Packages Free: 

The special feature of this package ranges from Cricwick access, and can enjoy watching live matches.

Charges – Rs.30 Incl. Tax
Dialing – *345*74#
Validity – 7 days
Internet 1500 MBs Cricwick & CricnGif
Calling all sports fans – enjoy 2000MBs

Telenor Internet Packages Monthly-Codes and Charges:

Telenor provides different types of internet packages. Provides daily, weekly and monthly packages here.

Telenor Monthly Internet Package: Different types of internet packages are provided by Telenor. Provides daily, weekly and monthly packages here. The facility of this package is available for 100 out of 20 GB of data for the whole month. 9 codes are available in this package. 

The code is first required to activate the package. Next, 8 codes have to be entered within 30 days. In the package, 5GB of data is given per month for 30 days; later, it is increased to 10GB per month. We have given here all the monthly internet packages provided by Telenor. “Telenor also offers Telenor Internet Free” for the whole month.

Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra –

Charges – 450, incl. tax
Code – *335# Use Telenor Sim
Validity – 30 Days
Internet – The 20GB package, 10 GB + 10 GB limits between (12 AM – 8 AM)

Telenor Mega Monthly Offer –

Charges: 180, incl. tax
Dial – *29#
Validity – 30 Days
Internet: 100 GB between (11PM – 12PM)

Telenor Monthly IMO Package –

Charges: 50, incl. tax
Dial – *466#
Validity – 30 Days
Internet – 1500 MB

Telenor Monthly Entertainment Offer –

Charges: 50 incl. Tax
Dial: *121#
Validity: 30 Days
Internet: 2GB Snapchat, TikTok, Likee & SnackVideo

PUBG Mobile Monthly Internet Offer by Telenor –

Charges: Rs.60
Dial – *345*57#
Validity – 30 Days
Internet 2GB PUBG +100MBs

Telenor 4G Monthly Starter Bundle –

Charges: 370 incl. tax
Dial – *302#
Validity – 30 Days
Internet 8 GB (incl. 4 GB 1AM to 7AM)

Telenor 4G Monthly Super –

Charges: Rs.350 incl. tax
Dial *345*169#
Validity 30 Days
Internet 12000MB (incl. 6000MB 1AM-11AM)

Telenor 4G Monthly Lite: Telenor Internet Packages Free –

Charges: Rs.190, incl. tax
Dial *301#
Validity 30 Days
Internet 4GB (incl. 2GB 1AM – 11AM)

Important Telenor Codes in 2022-23: Best Telenor Internet Packages Free!

To get the best Telenor internet packages 2022 plan, you must know the different Telenor codes. Through these codes, you can see the best deals on internet packages very well. Here below, we have given some important Telenor Codes. Must visit once

  • Telenor Check Balance Code: *444#
  • TELENOR check remaining minutes code: *222#
  • Telenor check sim number code: Send “A” to 7421
  • Telenor free Facebook code: *5*325#
  • Telenor Check MBs Code: *999#
  • Telenor check remaining SMS code: *111#
  • Telenor sim lgao offer code: *2222# or call 2222
  • Telenor advance balance code: *0#
  • Telenor Free WhatsApp Code: *331#
  • Telenor Free Internet Package: *345*991#
  • Telenor internet setting code: Send “All” to 131
  • Telenor Free Internet for one week: *888#


Telenor is constantly striving to make it easier to reach customers by improving the quality of its services in the coming times. A Daily internet package will be available for Rs 350. And the monthly package will be from Rs 1000 to Rs 2500. Talking about the year’s package, it can be from 1K to 3K. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are Telenor Internet Packages?

Telenor Internet Packages allows service providers to get fast-speed internet at a fraction of the cost. Customers offer daily, weekly or monthly packages as per their convenience.

2. How can I sign up for a Telenor Internet Package?

One has to find the right place to get Telenor Internet Package. You can get this information from the website or call our customer care center. You can sign up online by locating the eligible location. Or for this, you can get help by calling our customer service center.

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