Nishtha Talim Aheval Swadhyay Karya Module 1 to 18 PDF 2022

Nishtha Talim Aheval Swadhyay Karya Module 1 to 18 PDF 2022

Nishtha Talim Aheval Swadhyay Karya Module 1 to 18 PDF 2022: Friends, here in this article, we have provided Nishtha Taleem Ahawal PDF in PDF format to download here, you can easily download it.

Nishtha Talim Aheval Swadhyay Karya Module 1 to 18 PDF

Nishtha Talim Aheval Swadhyay Karya Module 1 to 18 PDF 2022:  

NISHTHA Aheval: Under the National Initiative for Teachers Samagra Unnati (NISHTHA) along with school heads, NCERT, or NCTE training program for primary teachers has been made available. You will get to see this training course on the online platform Diksha. 

This training is laid out in the day-to-day BISAG program in addition to 18 modules. Here through this article, we are providing Nishtha Taleem Ahawal in PDF for all the teachers.

NISHTHA Swadhyay Karya: This self-study work has been made available by us in the PDF file below. It is provided especially for the Principal and his assistant teachers for Module 2 achievement and self-study work. Here a total of 18 module homework is available module-wise from 1 to 18, which can be downloaded and printed.   

NISHTHA Module: If seen, the farmer of our country is a very important person for the progress of the country. Keeping this in mind, the Gujarat government is also starting many schemes for the progress of the farmers. 

We all know that the development of the country is associated with the development of the farmer. Due to this, along with the Government of India, now the Government of India is also starting many schemes for the farmers.          

Now in addition to higher studies, many schemes have been started by the Government of India along with the State Government for various assistance. All these schemes are very useful for all the people of Gujarat state along with India. These schemes are very beneficial for farmers, various professions, traders, invoices, and all aspiring students pursuing higher studies.

The government of India has to provide some funds for this goal by providing monthly pension forms to all elderly persons above 60 years of age so that every elderly person can live life.

When an officer/employee is present, reports to him by the Committee certain particulars of the minor punishment to be considered in the omission of rule 3. 

After hearing his written and oral representations relating to the charges leveled by him and setting aside the defects made by him. 

Taking note of the available evidence, prima facie from the cases of the Committee of Secretaries is that one of the main sentences mentioned above should be considered in Rule-I.

The committee will not work. The applicant is not required to report in detail the reasons for these matters, but “the Secretary Committee is examining the benefits of the matter, the matter not being taken up under this scheme,” the committee notes, notes. shall be made, and such matters shall be made known.

If the recommended education/staff officers recommended by the committee can be accepted, it means that the committee will order a shorter sentence after obtaining written approval from them.

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