New Pragna STD 1-2 Activity Book PDF Download

New Pragna STD 1-2 Activity Book PDF Download

New Pragna STD 1-2: In this article, we will discuss the activities of the Pragya Classroom. Pragna is a concept for classes I and II in primary schools of Gujarat. We can consider this concept as activity-based. You and we understand very well that all children take part in various activities.

New Pragna STD 1-2 Activity Book PDF Download

New Pragna Gujarati Activity Book STD 1-2 PDF:

Efforts are being made to do many programs like DPEP, SSA, NPEGEL to develop education across the country. Due to the organization of such programs, there has been a lot of improvement in the education of primary level children in almost a decade. 

If seen, due to hard work, the level of education has been raised to a very good level. You can understand these tasks better with the help of your perspective. 

Know Below Pragna Class Concept:

  • In this, children take a chance to get an education according to their level and talent.
  • With the help of this approach, the child is taught to study.
  • Here children use this platform with their own experience.
  • With the help of this, there are opportunities to go into many areas of education from the perspective of children.
  • With the help of this, children get a stress-free environment with a good education.  
  • Here, along with the teacher, the peers also give learning opportunities.
  • With the help of this Pragyan method, any kind of stress-free learning is taught.

This type of activity learning is based on this kind of technique which teachers try to teach with the help of some activities. Under this, the child-centered teaching-learning method is seen with innovative quality. For all these reasons, education based on this technology is given.

Today Gujarat is taking forward Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan by implementing various projects towards the universalization of education. The advantage of the ABL method is that it promotes self-learning and provides educational support according to the child’s ability. Here children can study by their choice.

The ABL (Activity-Based Learning) method has significantly improved the learning and psychology status of the children, according to the observers. British philosopher R.F. Dearden (1970) states that ‘activity is not merely a physical act, it necessarily includes a mental act as well. 

According to Pika (2008) “Any activity-based learning is a good process of acquiring knowledge, including how to acquire it. “Activity-based learning is more effective than any other method. Apart from primary education, it is also very useful in early childhood education.

Today all teachers have to understand the relationship between play and learning because all the activities related to learning play an important role in primary education. Apart from this, it can be an interesting thing to learn between the teacher and the students themselves.

These movements may be seen in the form of sketches, rhymes, and songs. Here are some concepts to teach a word like – role play, solving difficult mathematical problems with the help of a sentence, as well as solving the concept of science.

Today the Gujarat government has started many creative initiatives by introducing the SSA scheme. This will lead to a lot of advancement in the method of teaching methods. 

The school should also be an interesting place for teaching-learning experiences. Due to this, teachers have to devise different methods keeping in mind the learning level and interest of the students. At the time of primary education, the teacher has to follow various strategies to teach the students. Such as – active learning, fun learning, and games.

Activity-based learning has a complete focus on the child, or we can also say that it can be one of the child-centered approaches. If seen, this concept allows for developing self-learning skills among the students as well as study keeping in mind the skills of the children.

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In this, different approaches are used keeping in mind the captivating development of the students. But if seen, understanding his difference, mental capacity, and personal need is a very difficult task to teach. 

To make the educational process easier for all the students, educationists and teachers are always looking for new ways to help the students. Understanding the meaning of wisdom is an effective approach that can meet needs. 

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