Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika Book PDF 2022 Download

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika Book PDF 2022 Download

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika Book PDF 2022: Friends, under this post, we will provide all the information related to the Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika book pdf 2022. For complete information read this article till the end.

Disciplinary steps are taken from time to time to comply with the various arrangements or guidelines related to the representatives of the Gujarat State Discipline and Appeal Service as per Rule 121. 

Due to this, a booklet named “Rules of Departmental Inquiry” was prepared with the help of the investigation unit in the year 18 to bring the methodology into the original language while clarifying the departmental examination.

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika Book PDF

By spreading this booklet, new arrangements were made by changing the rules 121 of the Discipline and Appeal Service in the state of Gujarat every time. Along with this, goals were made for the implementation of the principles.

Some of the targets were also removed by changing some of the rules of the year 19, such as – in 2006 the Mumbai Civil Service Rules and the Gujarat Civil Service Rules, etc. were amended and redistributed.

Changes were brought to the system of standards like the time taken in the departmental examination.

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika Book PDF 2022:

The rules of examinations of all departments had to be changed.

The officers engaged in the examinations of the department should take the goals of this booklet as a warning and implement them keeping in mind the improvements made in the standards.

Excited to refresh the departmental insightful techniques. If seen, this booklet has not been made based on current legal standards or instructions.

Request procedures based on a principled system have been innovated with instructions to the workers.

During and for the departure officers, the staff/staff will not have the option to refer to this book as Aadhaar.


The Gujarat State Discipline and Appeal Rules Service 181 should take the targets of the time-books based on the guidelines.

Due to some kind of incident, the principle/system should be considered before arriving at the translation.     

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