Bhashadip Book Solution for STD 3 to 8 (All Week PDF Download)

Bhashadip Book Solution for STD 3 to 8 (All Week PDF Download)

Bhashadip Book Solution PDF: The Primary Education Department of Gujarat has started a new program for the children to read and grow. The duration of this program will be for 100 days; the name of this program is called Bhashadip. 

Bhashadip Book Solution for STD 3 to 8 (All Week PDF Download)

Due to this program in the state, this Bhashadip booklet has been made available in every primary school. Read this post completely to get all the information and download the weekly solution. 

All those students are from classes 1 to 8; they have to do the activities of Bhashadeep under linguistics. General Chat Lounge:

  • The ‘Language Deep’ self-study facility is provided for each of the students from classes 1 to 8. At the same time, it is expected that each student will do activities keeping in mind these self-learning methods.
  • Some activities should be done by the class teacher within the language curriculum.
  • All existing activity has to be conducted in pairs/or groups.
  • Under this, activities for one hour are to be conducted every day.
  • All these activities are expected to be the same way. 
  • All the instructions are clearly explained in this book.

Bhashadip Book Solution for STD 3 to 8 PDF Download:

Program Launcher by: Education Department of Gujarat Government. 

Name of Program: Bhashadip

Time: 100 Days

Below is the Download Bhashadip Booklet STD Wise: 

Download Here – Bhashadip Solution STD Wise: 







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