Allahabad Bank Balance Check - Missed Call and SMS Enquiry

Allahabad Bank Balance Check – Missed Call and SMS Enquiry

Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry | Balance Check Online: In this post, we will talk about how to check Allahabad Bank balance. Apart from this, you can also find Allahabad Bank Balance Check App

Allahabad Bank comes in the list of a nationalized bank and its headquarter is present in Kolkata, India. Allahabad Bank was established in the year 1865 in Allahabad. This bank started 150 years since its inception on 24th April 2014.

Allahabad Bank Balance Check

Now Allahabad Bank has been merged with Indian Bank. Allahabad Bank provides various easy services to its customers for banking transactions like Online BankingBalance Check via Missed CallMobile BankingSMS BankingOnline Balance Checking, etc.

If seen, balance checking is one of the most important in banking transactions which is used continuously by the customer as they check the sufficient balance in their account before making the payment. At the same time, they also know that money has arrived in their account or money has been debited.

6 Ways for Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry:

Also, Allahabad Bank helps its customers by providing the facility of checking their balance anytime in a number of ways.

Allahabad Bank Missed Call Balance Enquiry:

The best way to know the balance in Allahabad Bank account is by using the missed call balance inquiry number.

An account holder can check his balance anytime by giving a missed call on missed call number given by Allahabad Bank. In this process, the bank will send an SMS with the new balance at the same time. You can also use this facility of Allahabad Bank missed call alert to get a mini statement of account instantly.

Allahabad Bank Balance Check No: 09224150150

To check account amount by missed call, follow some steps mentioned below:

Send a missed call to Balance Inquiry Number 09224150150 by your Allahabad Bank Registered Mobile Number.
After few rings, the call will get disconnected by itself and after that, you will get the balance amount via SMS.

Keep in mind that you should always send a missed call from the mobile number registered in your bank account. If your mobile number is not yet registered with the bank, then contact the home branch to register the mobile number with your account.

Allahabad Bank Toll-Free No:  18005722000

You can also contact Allahabad Bank toll-free number 18005722000 to know your account balance.

Allahabad Bank SMS Banking for Balance Check:

Account holders can check the balance using SMS Banking facility of Allahabad Bank through SMS Banking in the following ways.

  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Mini Statement (Last 5 Transactions)
  3. Cheque status
  4. Stop Payment
  5. Statement Request
  6. Cheque Book Request
  7. Change SMS Banking PIN etc.

Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry by SMS Number:   9223150150

SMS Balance Enquiry format: BALAVL <A/c no>

In this way, you will get the balance information through SMS on your registered mobile number.

Allahabad Bank SMS Banking Formats:

Code                         Description                 SMS Format
HELP                        Help on How to Use      HELP <Message Code>
CHGPIN           Change SMS Banking PIN   CHGPIN <New MPIN> <Old MPIN>
BALAVL                  Balance Inquiry                    BALAVL <A/c no>

For Primary A/ct 
BALAVL LATRAN            Last 5 Transactions LATRAN <A/c no>

For Primary A/c
STMACC            Account Request Statement STMACC <Start date> <End date> <A/c no>

For Primary A/c         STMACC <Start date> <End date>
CHQREQ                    Cheque Book Request CHQREQ <No. of Leaves> <A/c no>

Allahabad Bank Balance Check Online Internet: 

Friends, you can also get the current balance information online using Allahabad Bank’s online banking account. If you have registered for Internet Banking account with this Bank Account opening, then you will have got a Login ID and Password to use Internet Banking.

If you haven’t got your internet banking account till now, then you can download this application form and submit it to your home branch by filling online internet banking registration form with the help of the website mentioned below.   

Now if you want to check balance online then go to and log in using your internet banking user id and password.

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Once logged in, you can generate statements to check all transactions except your account balance. 

Mobile Banking for Balance Check:

Under this, you can easily view all the transactions apart from checking your account balance using the Allahabad Mobile App.

1. Allahabad Bank Empower: Using this app you can easily use IMPS and UPI for fund transfer. With this app, you can easily find out the balance and also use many options. You can download it with the help of Google Play Store.  

2. BHIM AllBank UPI: This is a UPI app that provides you 24*7 money transfer facility. You can check your balance using it at any time.

3. Other UPI Apps: You can also use some other popular online UPI apps like – Google Pay, PhonePay, PayTM, BHIM, etc. to check balance.

Use Below Point for Balance Check Through ATM:

You can check your account balance by visiting your nearest ATM by keeping in mind the following points:   

  1. Insert or swipe your ATM Debit Card at any nearby ATM.
  2. Now click on the “Balance Enquiry/Account Balance Enquiry” option.
  3. Now the account balance will appear on the screen of the ATM.
  4. If the account holder wishes, a printed receipt can also be obtained.

Also Balance Check Through Passbook:

Under this, if you do not have a mobile banking or online banking account, then you can go to your home branch and update your passbook to know the amount of the account. 

How Can I Check My Allahabad Bank Account Balance?

The best way to check Allahabad Bank account amount is by using the missed call balance inquiry number 09224150150 of the bank. With this Allahabad Bank Missed Call Number, any account holder can know the amount of the account by making a missed call.      

How to Check Allahabad Bank Balance?

If you want to check your account balance then you have to send a missed call to Allahabad Bank Balance Check Number: 09224150150. Apart from this, SMS Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry Number: 9223150150 by writing BALAVL from your registered mobile number, from which the account amount is informed in SMS within a few seconds.          

How to Check Allahabad Bank Balance in Mobile?

Allahabad bank balance check with the help of mobile, you have to download Allahabad bank balance check app from play store. Apart from this, with the help of BHIM AllBank UPI, you can check your account balance anytime. You can easily download BHIM AllBank UPI from Play Store.         

How Can I Check My Allahabad Bank Account Balance Online?

To check balance online, you first go to and login by entering your Allahabad Bank Internet Banking User ID and then password. Now you can easily view account balance and all transactions.

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